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Rev'z Blog for a new version CyberLink PowerDirector 11 with multiple languages.

Content-Aware Editing - PowerDirector 11’s Content-Aware Editing provides a revolutionary way to edit video projects. The advanced built-in technology magically analyzes major scenes, such as those with faces, motion, zoom or pan, and hones in on imperfections that can be improved using TrueTheater®, such as poor lighting, and shakiness. Editing videos is now easier, faster and more efficient than ever.

Analyze entire footage using Content-Aware Editing - Save time tackling hours of footage. Content-Aware Editing quickly and efficiently pinpoints the best scenes automatically.

Intelligently identify the best and imperfect shots - Automatically finds the best scenes with faces, zoom, pan and motion and pinpoints scenes requiring enhancements.

Enhance imperfect shots with TrueTheater® - Corrects all imperfect parts of the entire footage, such as poor lighting and shaky videos using TrueTheater Technology.

Edit Analyzed Footages All at Once - Gather enhanced footage into the timeline of Content-Aware Editing control panel, for additional "across-the-board" editing in one go.

Quality Beyond HD - 4K Video Support - PowerDirector 11 is the first and only consumer video editing software to support end-to-end editing of 4K ultra HD video format. Supports import of 4K videos from the latest camera devices, edit more efficiently with TrueVelocity and produce breathtaking 4K movies on disc or publish online right from your desktop.

NEW! Full HD Preview - Undock the preview window and bring a full HD preview window in second monitor, for a better, close-up view of every detail.

NEW! Ripple Editing - With new ripple editing, you can easily insert or remove video clips on the timeline while keeping all other items on the track aligned.

NEW! Customizable Hotkey - Further speed up your video editing skills with several sets of hotkeys to instantly perform commands—even customize your own hotkeys.

100-Track Timeline - Set your creativity free with the 100-track timeline. Overlay footage, PiP objects, titles and particles to design unique visual effects.

NEW! Design Studio - Need more tools to help make your production look unique? PowerDirector 11's new Design Studio tools come with four new designer tools: Title Designer, PiP Designer, Particle Designer and Menu Designer. You can use the full screen editing interface and timeline for a more accurate animation design, or overlay particle effects over titles. Apply reflection effects to title text or PiP objects, or use the 4-color gradient to make your title text really stand out.

NEW! Title Designer - Create unique, professional-looking titles for just the right finishing touches to your video with 4-color gradients, reflections, or edit the entry points using the timeline.

NEW! Particle Designer - Includes a built-in particle object library that you can use to design its animation and control the frequency. Create sparkle, fairy dust, rain or snow overlays to your videos.

NEW! Menu Designer - Produce your movies with a self- made disc menu. You can design menus with titles, chapters, particles and PiP objects with your own unique flair.

Magic Movies in Minutes! - Magic movie tools provides you the easiest and automated way to edit your videos Simple select the videos and photos you want to use in your creation, Magic Movie tool will automatically add stylish templates, transitions and music, then complete your video within minutes!

Precise Keyframe - Edit effects within a single interface for easy timing and synchronization each effect to take place on the video timeline. A must-have tool to create unique visual effects.

Precise Trim Tool - Together with auto scene detection, PowerDirector provides an easy way to trim videos efficiently. Also supports multi-trim and zoom-in video for more granular control tools.

Time-lapse & Slideshow Creator - Create amazing time-lapse or stop motion videos. Also includes complete tools to customize photo slideshows with animations and background music.

Chroma-Key Tool - Take videos in front of a green sheet or blue sheet and merge with other videos to create special effects like they do in weather broadcasts or Hollywood movies.

Integrated NewBlueFX Effects - Take your editing up a notch with 10 built-in video effects from NewBlueFX. World class effect options help you create masterpiece video productions.

Hand-Paint Animation - Design your own hand-drawn artwork using an array of brushes, then record them or apply distortion effects and action speeds before integrating into your video projects.

3D Videos From Start to Finish - Import, edit and export videos and photos all in 3D! With support for all major 3D video and photo formats, you can produce 3D movies to watch on 3D TV and displays.

TrueTheater® HD - Upscale videos captured from your SD camcorders to HD-like quality with CyberLink’s TrueTheater® HD technology.

TrueTheater® Stabilizer - TrueTheater® Stabilizer technology automatically fixes shakiness for footages taken from a handheld camcorder.

TrueTheater® Lighting - TrueTheater® Lighting enhances light issues in your footage, such as. white balance and backlight problems.

TrueTheater® De-noise - Use TrueTheater® De-noise to eliminate video noise, such as for night shots, to produce clean, smooth visuals.

AVCHD 2.0 and Enhanced De-interlace - PowerDirector 11 is the world’s first video editor certified for both AVCHD 2.0 3D and 50/60p progressive profiles. PowerDirector 11 also enhanced video de-interlacing engine with sub-pixel level processing produces, greatly improved video quality output especially in fast motion and zoomed-in scenes. You can now use PowerDirector to produce DVDs, Blu-ray and AVCHD discs or video files with the best quality.

4K, HD and 3D Movies - Produce movies in 4K ultra HD resolution or even 3D to watch and enjoy on large screens for the ultimate entertainment to share with friends and family.

Pro Quality Surround Sound - Create pro-quality videos with clear Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1 channel surround sound for a cinema-style movie production.

New Formats Support - PowerDirector 11 supports several new formats to fulfill your need of new generation HD video and multi-channel audio. You can now import MKV video files with multi-soundtracks, or produce your video in MKV format, in up to 4K quality. PowerDirector 11 also supports the latest AVCHD 2.0 format, with extensive 60p video and 3D support.

Recommended System Requirements
Operating Systems
Microsoft Windows® 8, 7, Vista or XP (Service Pack 3).
Screen Resolution
1024 x 768, 16-bit color or above

Download Here! via 4Shared (600mb++)

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